of Forgotten

A Photo Book by
Brad Fogelstrom



Abandoned Anticipation will take you on a journey of deep insightful feelings via introspective observations that were experienced at various abandoned locations. This diversified portfolio of explorations includes neglected houses, forgotten factories, haunted hospitals, schools, churches, and others.

Release Info

Once ready, Abandoned Anticipation will be available ONLY as a printed 8.5" x 11" hardcover. Distribution will be Print On Demand (POD), and made available through major booksellsers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and others.


  • Introduction
  • Sullen Schooling
    • Schooled in the Surreal
    • Poe's Classroom
    • Dream School
    • Horace High Horror
  • Dreadful Dwellings
    • Little House of Evil
    • Hidden Horrors
    • Demonic Domains
    • Crumbling Community
  • Sickly State
    • Silent Sickness
    • Mental Meltdown
    • Madhouse
    • Insidious Indisposition
  • Eroded Energy
    • Vacant Voltage
    • Darkness Descends
    • Cold Corrosion
    • Railway Ruins
    • Punched Out Plant
  • Echoes of Wartime
    • Peters' a Packin'
    • Dynamite Desertion
    • Guilty Existence
  • Sacred Silence
    • God's Forsaken House
    • Perished Parish
  • Wild Wanderings
    • Ghost Zoo
    • Somber Skies
    • Missed the Train
    • The Lonely Mile
  • Conclusion: Abandoned Anticipation
    • Appleseed Apathy
    • Afterthought, Afterlife

Leaving a Legacy

Not everything - or anyone - is meant to exist in permanence. All beings and places will inevitably corrode and crumble, fading far beyond into forgotten memory.

In the end... no one, no place, no life is superior to another. Everything shall return to the earth in equilibrium.

All conscious, living beings are responsible for leaving a legacy. How will you be remembered long after you're gone? Will you be remembered at all?

The legacy you leave is purely your choice. Either choose to live in freedom, or die in the chains of despair.